Hello DIY Thursday! I love the idea of taking items you wouldn't necessarily use to create something innovative. It's not only recycling, but a new way to look at typical household items. I'm not afraid to admit I'm kind of a hoarder like most designers. Everything will have a use later on down the line. I might need an old glass bottle to use in a DIY...and today is that day. Glass bottles are easy to buy or find. You can reuse glass bottles from beverages or sauces. They can easily be used as beautiful flower vases by simply decorating them.

Tools you will need: Bottle Masking Tape Scissors Measuring Tape (optional) 

So this is a simple process that doesn't take much more than patience and a steady hand. For me, wrapping anything dimensional is always difficult. The paper or tape never seem to wrap around nicely without bulging. The key to avoiding this is having a bottle that's not too extravagant in its contour. The flatter the surface, the better the tape will lay.

What you want to do is grab your bottle and measure it's diameter. Add a quarter inch and cut the masking tape to length. Make sure the ends are cut evenly. If you're feeling daring, you can do this without measuring. Tape the bottle from bottom to top evenly or to your heart's desire. Mix and match masking tapes for a bolder look. This can be a fast and easy way to create table toppers for everyday use or festive parties. So from now on rethink what you throw out. They might be useful in the future!